10 Interior Office Design Concepts You Need To See

Colors, decor, furniture and feng shui can greatly affect your mood on a daily basis. It’s important to love the space you spend time in. Whether at home or in the office, make the space you’re spending your life in one you love.

Most Americans spend almost 35% of their waking hours in the workplace. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your workplace is an enjoyable, well-designed space to be in. Not only will your work productivity improve, you’ll have more energy and feel better about your day.

Many business owners don’t take their office design concepts seriously. They don’t take into consideration how certain designs might affect their business and their employees. An open floor plan, for example, might seem like a good idea for collaborating, but it actually detracts from employee productivity.

Have no fear, a list of the most amazing interior office designs is here. We’ve done the office design research for you and have compiled a list of 10 of the best offices with fantastic concepts:

1. Google Zurich

The Google offices are notorious for their well-designed, employee comfort focused spaces. However, the best of all the Google spaces can be found in Zurich. The Google Zurich space was designed for the ultimate employee experience.

There are rooms to play various sports at Google Zurich. There are even rooms to sing or dance in. There is a massage room and a massive aquarium where employees can jump into a foam-filled bath and relax.

An office with great office design concepts is the Google Zurich workplace. Their space has a sky lounge with fantastic food and a great coffee center. It has an indoor jungle and a movie room. Meeting rooms have been transformed into Gondolas. You can even slide down one of the fireman poles to get the floor below you.

2. Adobe Has Optimal Office Design Concepts

Adobe has a 260,000 square foot campus. Located in Lehi, Utah the building has floor to ceiling windows that are 13 stories high. They offer sweeping views of the Wasatch mountains.

This design is centered around a piece of street art by El Mac. There’s a mural from renowned street and tattoo artist Mike Giant, too. The Adobe office has office design concepts that include a full employee cafe, an NBA-sized indoor basketball court, and a huge game room.

The office has a fully equipped gym and interactive artwork displayed on the walls, floors, and windows throughout the building.

3. ICrave NYC

This award-winning New York City design and branding firm has a minimalist approach to its office design concepts. It looks a little like a hotel lobby throughout the space.

There is a DJ booth which also doubles as a reception center, too. At about 8,000 square feet, the workspace encourages open interaction between the employees. They kick it old school with wooden design aspects and chalkboards.

4. BICOM Communications

Designed by Jean de Lessard from Montreal, the office has recently been renovated. It’s a wide-open space with high-end style. The main focal point of the space is the house-like pods that serve as offices.

With faux grass and wood paneling, the areas are defined and used for different purposes. There is modern, chic furniture in the common areas illuminate with bright lighting fixtures. When it comes to office design concepts, BICOM makes the list and keeps it simple.

5. Google Japan

No surprises here, as Google makes the list again, this time in Japan. The Google Japan office is known for their tech-savvy approach to both their work and their workplace. Adorned with bold patterns and exciting colors, the office is a standout.

The entire design is far-out and creates an environment that is stimulating.

6. Mother London

This London-based ad agency has one of the best office design concepts in the U.K. An expansive space, the office has a bright, big concept designed by Clive Wilkinson Architects.

There are meeting rooms filled with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage furniture, including a 250ft communal concrete table for conferences. The massive table can accommodate up to 200 employees.

7. Cartoon Network, Atlanta

The Cartoon Network keeps it animated in their office space. They have a cubicle system which might not seem like an exciting environment, but this one is anything but boring. Each individual workspace is completely customized.

The theme of the office is children’s TV. There are bright colors everywhere with cartoon cutouts adorning every surface. From stickers and mascots to magnets, there is no shortage of work-based inspiration in this office.

8. Mind Candy

The game company Mind Candy has smart office design concepts. Its headquarters has astroturf, faux vines hanging about, and a large wooden treehouse. Inspiring gamers to play, a tree-house ridden workspace is on point.

The treehouse even doubles as a meeting room. There is bright artwork all around. If you need to get away from the noise, you can find a little hobbit hole to pop into to come up with your next gaming idea.

9. Ogilvy & Mather

The first to receive China’s “Most Successful Design” award, this carnival-inspired office is a prestigious place to work. Designed by M Moser and Associates, it’s a space that is meant to incite a carnival of ideas.

With merry-go-round horses, nutcrackers and other cool park-themed aspects, this office is a playful basecamp for work.

10. Pixar

Pixar’s office design concepts are expected to be fantastic, but the Pixar office in Emeryville really outdoes itself. At this office, there is no shortage of things to play around with. They have a cubicle system that is customized to each individual employee’s taste.

Each hallway and meeting area has life-size movie characters decorating the spaces. The building even has its own cereal room for anyone who needs a morning or mid-day snack.

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